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Cable Cross-Over


Cable Cross-Over

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Cable Cross-Over

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Chest

Detailed Muscle Group : Inner Chest

Other Muscle Groups : Biceps , Shoulders

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Isolation

Equipment : Machine - Strength

Difficulty : Beginner

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Targeted Muscle Group


How To Perform Exercise

If you want to target your inner chest, the cable crossover is a great exercise to achieve the results you are looking for as long as you have two cable machines facing each other.

Steps :

1.) Start by attaching handles to the cable machines at a high pulley level.

2.) Position yourself in between both of the machines with your legs slightly bent.

3.) Grab onto the handles of the pulleys with your palms facing down and your arms extended out to your sides.

4.) Then slowly pull the handles down towards the floor until they either touch or cross over in front of you, feeling a stretch and squeeze in your muscles.

5.) Hold this position for a count then return back to the starting position.

Tips :

1.) During the performing of this exercise, squeeze and contract your pec muscles to make this exercise even more effective.