Cardio Intervals: Rowing

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Frequency : 1 days / week
Day Type : Numerical
Type : General Fitness
Difficulty : Beginner
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Following a series of five bodyweight warm-up exercises, you'll be asked to perform a series of intervals on the rowing machine. Interval workout sessions like this one are superior when it comes to building aerobic capacity compared to traditional steady state cardio exercise.

*IMPORTANT* When you get to the final exercise, the rowing machine, I want you to perform sets of intervals. Meaning, row at a maximal effort for 30-seconds followed by easy rowing for 1-minute. This is known as a 1:2 work-to-rest ratio. Repeat this sequence 6 times for a total of 9-minutes.

If you have the ability to take heart rate via an Apple watch or wear a heart rate monitor - then do so! Make note of your heart rate before you begin your rowing intervals and again when you're done with all 6 intervals. See how quickly your heart rate recovers 1-minute post exercise. The faster you get below 100 bpm and back to resting levels the better cardiovascular shape you're in. Monitor and track this over time.

Stay Strong,

Michael Wood, CSCS
Jefit Team Member

Day 1 Workout Day #1: Rowing Intervals 1:2 work-to-rest ratio
Exercise Name Muscle Timer Reps Sets Track
Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers

Upper Legs

0 sec 10 2 Progress Chart
Air Bike Air Bike


30 sec 10 2 Progress Chart
Wide Hand Pushup Wide Hand Pushup


0 sec 10 2 Progress Chart
Toe Touchers Toe Touchers


30 sec 10 2 Progress Chart
Sit Squat Sit Squat

Upper Legs

0 sec 12 1 Progress Chart
Rowing Rowing


9 min - - Progress Chart