I’ve been on creatine before and for me it provided water wait and strength once I got off it I deflated and all that hard work disappeared, meaning; I thought I was gaining muscle because of my bill but it turned out that I was right back to where I started. What’s the secret?
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Rami.AlHaddad Creating increase water in the muscle = increases lean muscle mass
3 months ago
MrAWD Once loaded with creatine (around a week or so), you will be able to do one or two more reps on your heaviest lift. That extra rep or two would be your long term improvement over non-creatine option. Basically, creatine just helps you to do more - you are still the one that has to do it! 😀
3 months ago
p.bxtrm There is no secret. Lift with the intensity needed to grow. Eat enough good, clean food. Make sure to rest. Sleep about 8 hours per night. Manage stress.
That is 99,9% of the journey. No supplement gonna change that.
Focus on the basics.
3 months ago
mattyjm-hew It comes down to your diet to maximise gains on Creatine.

Creatine helps the body store water weight but that is pointless if the water stored doesn’t have the right nutrients or enough nutrients in it to feed the muscles.

A basic explanation is gains come down to consuming surplus quality calories.

We naturally get Creatine from foods we eat, example 250g of red meat contains around 2g of creatine.

Hopefully this helps a bit
3 months ago
Vincent.g.c.j.Tremblay just don't come off. Load for 7 days at .2 g per lb of body weight, and then you maintain at 0.02 g per pound for.... well ever lol won't be deflated of you don't come off.
3 months ago
rodmen2 Use creatine hydrochloride instead of creatine mono hydrate. And sleep enough (8 hours). But at the end, you have to do the heavy lifting to see growth
2 months ago
Vincentautocorrect I hate that I typed the wrong “wait” lol *weight
3 months ago

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