Leg Extension


Leg Extension

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Leg Extension

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Exercise Details

Main Muscle Group : Upper Legs

Detailed Muscle Group : Quads

Type : Strength

Mechanics : Isolation

Equipment : Machine - Strength

Difficulty : Beginner

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Targeted Muscle Group

Upper Legs

How To Perform Exercise

The leg extension exercise is a staple in weight lifting for building strong legs and overall body strength.

Steps :

1.) Start by adjusting the seat of the leg extension bench so that your knees have a full range of motion and that the footpad fits over your legs above your ankles.

2.) Grab onto the handles of the machine with your hands, keeping your hips and back up against the bench and then slowly extend your legs until your knees are straight.

3.) Hold this position for a count, then return back to the start.

4.) Repeat for as many reps and sets as desired.

Tips :

1.) Use controlled movements for this exercise, do not swing the weight up.

2.) Refrain from locking your knees as this can result in injury.