Recupero infortunio retto femorale

Shared By : EdoardoMarangon2
Frequency : 3 days / week
Day Type : Day of the Week
Type : Sport Specific
Difficulty : Beginner
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Piano di recupero dall'infortunio

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Monday Workout 1
Exercise Name Muscle Timer Reps Sets Track
Cable Tricep Extension Cable Tricep Extension


60 sec 8 3 Progress Chart
Cable Biceps Curl Cable Biceps Curl


60 sec 8 3 Progress Chart
Barbell Clean Deadlift Barbell Clean Deadlift


60 sec 8 3 Progress Chart
Exercise Band Hip Lift Exercise Band Hip Lift


60 sec 8 3 Progress Chart
Exercise Band Calf Raise Exercise Band Calf Raise

Lower Legs

60 sec 8 3 Progress Chart
Exercise Band Quad Stretch Exercise Band Quad Stretch

Upper Legs

60 sec - 3 Progress Chart
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