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The Importance of Mobility for Better Exercise and Aging

We sometimes focus more what we like to do, rather than what’s really necessary. Meaning, if we prefer strength training or like doing cardio, we seem to gravitate more towards that option. I aways refer back to a quote I heard at a conference from the former Director of Conditioning of the Chicago White Sox, Vern Gambetta. He said something to the effect of “it’s easy to train what you like rather than what’s needed.” With that said, the majority of people do not focus on the overall picture of wellness especially as they age. They continue to lift and do cardio (which is important) but we need to address other areas, such as improving mobility, which is vital to ensure optimal movement and performance.

We Need More Daily Movement

Life is about daily movement. Life is based off some form of movement pattern. Just about everyone who walks into a health club or training facility across the country has some type of movement deficiency though, as a result of age, old injuries, muscle imbalance, years of playing sports, etc. In order for movement to occur efficiently (i.e. no wasted energy), movement patterns need to be executed correctly through their full range of motion.

Ask Yourself

How do you feel when you “pull” or “push” something at the gym? Are you able to perform a hip hinge (think Romanian Deadlift) or a Squat pain-free? Can your body handle an exercise off a single-leg or jumping up and down? When you perform a bodyweight squat do you work to the bottom of the movement (i.e. bring the hips lower than your knees, like you’re in a baseball catcher position)? Are all these movements, done without pain or instability? As a result, our movement becomes dysfunctional.

The Goal is one Word. Mobility.

We need to increase mobility in just about every area of our body but especially our ankles, hips, upper backs and shoulders. It is important to make sure you continue to work on some aspect of mobility daily, even if it’s only five minutes a day. Mobility can be defined as working a muscle or group of muscles through their full range of motion in the absence of pain. Let me ask you, how is your body feeling on your current exercise plan?

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Michael Wood, CSCS

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