benefits of pizza in women

10 Healthy Facts About Pizza For Women That Can Help Boost Productivity

According to the estimates given by the United States Department of Agriculture, 13% of Americans eat Pizza daily. It is equally loved by kids and adults. This Italian dish has become more or less native to every country in the world.

It is cheesy, delicious, easy to prepare and easy to eat for everybody. It is rightly called the “comfort food” or “fast food”. I believe you might be craving for the cheesy delight just by reading this! There are a number of pizzerias serving hit and fresh pizzas in every county of America. Grab your phone and call for the best pizza restaurant in Raynes Park.

Despite its popularity, eating pizza often instills a feeling of guilt especially in women. There have been health concerns regarding the nutritional value of pizza as it is often portrayed as “fattening food”. Is it a true portrayal? Here are 10 healthy facts about pizza especially for women that can boost productivity.

  1.    The main ingredient of pizza is the mozzarella cheese. It has vitamin B2 and B7. The protein content helps makes your immunity, muscles, and bones stronger. So, leave your guilt behind and happily search for “Pizza Near Me, Raynes Park” to order one!
  2.    Tomato sauce is another important ingredient used in pizzas. Vitamin A present in tomato sauce is known to improve growth and development. It significantly boosts immunity and vision. Moreover, it is beneficial for pregnant women out there as it is crucial for fetal development.
  3.    Another important constituent of tomato sauce is vitamin C. It is essential for tissue repair and immunity. It may keep you younger for long as it is an antioxidant!
  4.    Tomatoes are rich with lycopene, a strong antioxidant. It is good for your heart and keeps your skin healthy and radiant.
  5.    A great advantage of pizza is that it is not “fried” (except in some areas of Scotland). It does not have those unhealthy trans fats due to the frying.
  6.    The crust of the pizza is made up of flour. If you choose whole grain flour for pizza crust, it provides you with fiber. The fiber is great for your digestive system’s proper working. Do not forget to skip plain flour on your next pizza order in Raynes Park.
  7.    Veggie toppings are full of fiber along with many other healthy nutrients. Veggie fiber helps lower cholesterol levels and lets you live longer.
  8.    Onions are a must-have for most of the pizza lovers. It contains chromium and vitamin c which is beneficial to health as they regulate levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Order pizza online in Raynes Park and enjoy your healthy meal.
  9.    Bell peppers are rich in antioxidants which reduces oxidative stress in your body cells thus help you work longer.
  10.    Other than your health, it lets you enjoy healthy social gatherings with fun and cheese. Call Mama Pizza in Raynes Park for your next girls gathering for all the gossip and fun!
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