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5 Most Popular Haircuts For Women In 2019

The natural desire to look perfect, to experience long hair and stylish haircut, is inherent to almost every woman around the world. It is no surprise; fashion plays an essential role in grooming one’s image. But always remember, any haircut is selected based on hair structure, face shape, and physical features.

Whether you are looking for fresh haircut ideas or curious to see the new styles trending, you’ve come to the right place.

Presenting cool shags in Los Angeles, layered lobs in Texas, and curly bobs in New York, we bring you the most popular haircuts for women in 2019 from every corner of the United States. Scroll on for all the inspiration you need.


The hair stylists have named 5 female haircuts trend, which is very popular this year. From Honolulu to New York, here are the haircuts women are asking for, at the hair salon.

  • BOB
  • SHAG
  • LOB

bob haircut

According to Wikipedia, a bob haircut or bob is a short to medium length haircut exclusively for women. In this haircut, hairs are cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, generally with a fringe at the front. Most often the bob is cut at the levels of the ear, below the ears or above shoulders.

There are varieties of haircuts included in the bob haircut alone, as we mentioned earlier in this article that any haircut is selected based on hair structure, face shape, and physical features.

Choose a bob haircut that best suit your personality, here is the list of different styles of Bob haircut as follows:

  • Beachy Bob
  • Strong Bob
  • Softened Bob

BEACHY BOB:  If you love the relaxed look of mermaid waves but want to go shorter, try beachy bob twist on the classic bob cut. Beachy bob is a super blunt haircut with no layers. This is style with loose waves and amply of salt spray to get that flawless Beachy look.

STRONG BOB: The strong bob haircut also known as a blunt bob. This haircut is on the rise in San Francisco. The strong bob works for any hair texture, but if yours is thick, ask your hair-stylist to thin it out first.

SOFTENED BOB: There’s something for everyone with a softened bob haircut, which not only suits for almost every hair texture but is also customizable.


shag hair cut

Most of the women still do not familiar with this haircut. Hair-stylists are sure that in 2019 this will break out on fashion podiums. Shag is a regular haircut with randomly highlighted layers. Thanks to shag, thin and lifeless hair get a full volume.

MERMAID SHAG: “Mermaid Shag allows women to have all of their lengths while changing up the layers,” explains Tim Burner, a master stylist at a famed hair saloon” Nine Zero One” in Los Angeles.



The curly fringe haircut is an easy way to soften a look and add dimension,” says Michelle Jordan, owner, and manager of Salon Eva Michelle in Houston. Curly fringe hairstyle definitely a commitment but can do marvels for your face shape.

No doubt, all popularity records are taken by bob cut, but if combined with curly hair, will give a stylish woman an original look that everybody will certainly notice. Curly fringe when combine with bob cut looks girlish and is appropriate not only for business women but also for more romantic people who want to look more distinct.


  • Always brush your hair with bottom up.
  • Trim frequently to avoid spilled ends.
  • Use a wide tooth comb, skip the brush.
  • Apply regularly conditioning treatment to your ends.
  • Pineapple your hair before bed, to wake up with flawless curls.


Pageboy haircut is well-known by the fact that it can give a woman not only a straight and natural look but also helps to significantly lessen the time for fashioning. The medium length hair gets a beautiful and spectacular volume. To make pageboy cut charming, you need to wash your hair and dry them with a hairdryer. But not every hair stylist can do it because this haircut is complex and requires great skill and effort. 



According to Wikipedia, “A lob haircut is classified as the variant of the bob cut. In lob haircut, the length is between long hair and a bob cut. The lob is cut just above the shoulders, at shoulder level or just below.”

The collarbone-grazing length is pleasing and gives you just enough advantage without going too short. Ask your hair stylist for a blunt cut with no layers or angles for a modern feel.

Choose a lob haircut that best suit your personality, here is the list of different styles of lob haircut as follows:

LONG LOB: “The long lob looks charming with varying lengths, which makes it perfect for all face shapes and hair kinds,” says Stacie Bowie, owner of Patrick Evan Salon in San Francisco.

PERSONALIZED LOB: The lob is still going strong as one of our most requested haircuts because it’s versatile and easy to maintain,” says Kari Leon-Guerrero, owner of Willie & Coote Salon in the Texas capital. Always remember this thing, trends will come and go, but the best haircut is one that looks best on you.

WAVY LOB: Seemingly, it’s a lob’s haircut world and we’re just living in it. “It’s pretty, classy, and customizable,” says Jennifer Electra, co-owner of Pura Vida salon in Miami, of their most-requested style.

According to recent reports, traditional headbands are the way back to the fashion industry; it’s time to start styling your hairs with headbands.

The thing about headbands is that they can be worn with any type of hair. Not only does it look charming with whatever hairstyle you select, but it is also a great way to keep your hair in place, or support your hair in a trendy way. Do you know? You can use custom lanyards as your headbands in order to style your hairs.

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