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8 Catering Equipment to Stand Out as a Breakfast-serving Eatery!

Food and hospitality industry has done some exceptional make over the last few decades, thanks to the people embracing the world as their home for global living as well as livelihood. They are getting rather good at experimenting with the food and culture of different places, be it for a short term vacation or a long term professional project/job.

Their life has also been made easy with some of the breakfast items now found, accepted and appreciated (almost) universally. If you are planning to open a restaurant that amazes its customers with its breakfast and service, some catering equipment just needs to be there.

Must-have Breakfast Catering Equipment

Here’s what you can start picking.

  1. Toasters

Another item that tops the list of the breakfast people prefer on a rushing morning is toast. Some like it with butter/margarine while others go for jam, mayonnaise, nut butter and chocolate spreads among other things. But the flavours come later; your toaster should be excellent at meeting the demands of your breakfasting customers. Without a suitable toaster, that could be just impossible. Choose among low-volume (like a pop-up toaster) and high-volume (like conveyor toaster and bun toaster) delivering toasters.

  1. Coffee makers/tea brewers/dispensers

Well, for the absolute coffee and tea lovers as well as for those who like something strong in their system after a long and tight sleep, this catering equipment is just indispensable. These come in different sizes and choices offered by top brands. You need to choose from Cafetieres (also referred to as French Press), Coffee Urns, Commercial / Airport Coffee Brewers, Tea Press and Tea Infuser among others.

  1. Commercial Waffle Maker

Whenever taste wins overnutrition on a breakfast table, there’s a waffle sandwich on the plate. Waffle sandwiches are loved for the variety of fillings they can incorporate meanwhile giving the much-desired crunch missed in a bread sandwich. Your restaurant is hard to find success if this one’s not in your kitchen.

  1. Dry product dispenser

Some people cannot live without their bowl of oatmeal/muesli/ granola. Dry product dispenser just makes it easy for the server or guests to have it in a quantity they like without worrying about creating a mess in the process. Served with hot/cold milk or yoghurt along with their choice of toppings, this morning breakfast served greatly by the dry product dispenser can make your restaurant popular overnight.

  1. Drink dispenser

Water dispenser and Juice/Slushie dispenser/hot chocolate dispenser are some kinds that you can think of when you think of buying a drink dispenser. Remember to go for the most-essential at first and then anything else depending upon the crowd of customers your restaurant attracts (which also depends on your menu to a great extent in addition to the demographics you serve it!).

  1. Juicers / Smoothie maker

Though juices have been part of a healthy breakfast for a long time, people serious about their health have started experimenting with various smoothie recipes. They also happen to love places that are as serious as they. Therefore, Juicers and Smoothie making unit is meant to attract these kinds of customers who think of jogging/running miles to your eatery to grab their favourite natural drink the first thing in the morning.

  1. Foodservice cooling unit

Some items just need to be there, at a cooler temperature to be enjoyed most. The list includes items like cheese, fruits, sandwiches, pastries, cakes and meats. For such a need, you ought to have thought about purchasing a food service cooling unit of a size that is good to serve demands your restaurant witnesses on a daily basis. They are also portable making them easy to carry if you also into catering to small home/office events.Buffet Warmer and Syrup Warmer

Since these are two warmers with the only difference of the things they warm and keep warm, they are seen in one place. If you love pancakes with a generous dribble of honey or maple syrup, the two could be found in these two different places. One is for keeping your food hot and the other to keep your different choices of syrups and freshly made sauces and dips warm (if they need to!).

The above list definitely has all the essentials covered even though missing on some you might find required in the category / demographics you serve. Take some time out to figure out what catering equipment (tea brewers or cafetieres?) should make it to your must-purchase list and then narrow down your choices in terms of brands and budget you are thinking about.

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