Best Sex Positions Women Love

Even Women love sex. In fact, they think to have it more than men’s are interested. Both the parties aim’s to fantasies the best sex position they want to try at least once with their partner

Let’s get it straight to the point that there is nothing wrong on being open about having sex. It is a basic necessity. Men who want to make love more pleasurable then pay attention to what is being said here. After a lot of research and based on a survey we were able to collect information on best sex positions women love to have.

  1. Missionary Position – The Best Love Making Angle

missionary sex position

The best and most preferred position by women who prefer to be submissive is the missionary position. By all means it gives pleasure and also the partner has full control over the body. So let’s get to the point on how this position works effectively. This position is more effective as both the partners can gaze at each other

Technique –  The missionary position is the one where the women is on her back and let the male partner take charge over her body. The position can be used effectively by sliding the legs apart with the help of your knees. To add more fun and naughtiness, take her hands on top of her head. This position is best for the woman who loves being dominated in the bedroom. This position directly stimulates the women’s clitoris which is actually the main reason for a women to reach to making the climax.

Tip – Make the sex more fun by making dirty talks to her. This will make her feel horny and she will arouse to the extent that she might end up screaming you name in pleasure. (AHHH, too much of naughtiness is really good for sex).

  1. Doggy Style – Full Control

doggy style sex positionBy far the second best position on the list is the doggy style. This sex position is mostly loved by women because they love to be bent forward that too on all four and they love it more when you also bend forward to caress her whole body.

Technique – This position needs no description but to make it simple. The women need to be bent forward on their knees. So his man can take the charge. The best part with this sex positions is that the penis hits directly to the G-spot which is essential for a woman to orgasm.

Tip – While making love in this position you can gently bend forward to her and kiss her on earlobes and shoulder. Woman love being bitten while having sex. You can also make it more sexier by whispering what all you will do with her in this position, that will also make her shy and she will be more horny. You can also make use of your hands as in this position her clitoris is wide open and you can take care of her clit by gently rubbing your hand over to feel the softness and also penetrating her gently to make her orgasm.

  1. Woman on Top – The Goddess

women on top sex position

By all means the above 2 sex positions are great and enjoyable. But Women on top position is by far the best sex position as this make the women and men both enjoy to see their partners body and enjoy caressing it. This position is preferred by women as it gives them total control over the penis and their clitoris and they can make the changes according to their needs whenever they want to get more pleasure and being penetrated.

Technique – The easiest sex position of all. In this, the man is laid on his back and the women takes charge by inserting your penis in her vagina or ass. The best part of this position is that the penis directly hits the clitoris which is mostly preferred by 80% of women’s to end for an orgasm.

Tip – While she is taking the charge you can lay back and gaze at her beauty and can let her know about how she looks at that time. You can also caress her boobs by pressing it gently or roughly to create more heat and passion while having sex.

Other Complimentary sex positions

The above sex positions are the best sex positions preferred by women. However, there  are other sex positions to look at which can create a better sexual relation between you and your partner.

  1. Missionary Variation: Legs on Breasts

This would be still the best for women as her legs will be on her breasts and when the penis when moved forward directly hits the clitoris giving the woman more pleasure than the normal missionary position. In addition to her clitoris, this position also allows to hit the penis on the G-spot which results in more pleasure.

Tip – You can take the grip of her by holding her waists and deep thrust you penis against her clitoris. This view can also help you have a clear view on her body as well as the main part “clitoris”. You can caress her clitoris by rubbing the indexing finger on it and also you can kiss her nipples and caress her face. This position allows you to have the best lip lock which will intensify your sex.

  1. The 69 position: Best Penetration

This sex position is not preferred by all women. But talking about this sex position it is the best when both the partners want to get their private areas penetrated.

Technique – In this sex position, both the partners are upside down in such a way that the man can see the women’s vagina and at the same time the women can hold the man’s penis. This position is best used to get penetrated without having the actual intercourse. The man has total control over woman’s vagina by licking it and caressing her and taking it to the orgasm level. At the same time women also get hold of your penis which she can suck to the extent of making you cum. Both the parties can choose to suck deeper to the extent they like it.

Tip – Sex is good when it is more related to kinky stuff. To make it kinkier you can insert you finger in her ass making her feel more penetrated deeply. Also you can cup her ass by kissing it, this will make her more arouse and she can give her best while she is sucking it on the other side.

  1. The Pole Position

The reason for adding this position in the complimentary list is that because this position gives you a limited advantage. This position can be fun you will have the best view of her back and also her buttocks.

Technique – In this, the women on top will be facing your feet in a manner that you get full access to the back portion of her body. Then the choice is yours to insert the penis in her vagina or in her ass for penetration. To add more spice, bend one of your knee so that she can grab it for a better grip. While having the grip, your thigh will directly hit her clitoris to make her feel penetrated.

Tip – Caress her back or gently bite on her shoulders, so that a sweet pain is there so make it rough and also to boost up your intercourse. You can also move forward and caress her nipples or press her breasts.

The above sex positions make it clear that women’s too love having sex, sometimes more than men. And it is more fun when the sex positions are the ones which they feel are right for them to get penetrated and which help them getting orgasm. Every women has a different style, some may like all the sex positions available to boost up their sex life and also on trying new variations. Men can also use sex toys to make your sex more pleasurable. As these toys are soft and gentle and they can add extra spice at the time of intercourse.

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