Often men tend to set camp at the vagina whether during foreplay with his tongue and fingers or for sex. They forget, for a woman to achieve orgasm, the clitoris plays a major role. Some statistics state that more than 70% of women do not achieve full orgasm without clitoral stimulation. That number is alarming enough for you to start paying more attention just above base camp, the clitoris.

The word ‘Clitoris’ originated from the Greeks which means ‘key’. If that translation alone does not convince you to consider learning a few techniques and helping your partner have better orgasms, maybe the rest of this article will.

Clit is pleasure

If you’ve studied your biology well, you’ll know that the clitoris has 8,000 sensitive nerve endings which are double that of the tip of your penis. Sorry, gentlemen, the women beat you there! The only reason for its existence is pleasure, pure pleasure. It has no part take in reproduction. A slight touch would sometimes fire her up! An orgasm achieved through this technique could be far better and earth-shattering for your lady.

Truth behind clit

To put certain things into perspective, let’s delve deeper into the science of it. At conception, every foetus has the same amount of genital tissue, it’s only around 12 weeks that it starts to develop either into a penis or labia. So, in essence, the penis and the clitoris are the same but in different forms. The clitoris is similar to a penis such that it also has a gland, a hood (foreskin), and a tiny shaft. Another interesting fact is that only one-fourth of the clitoris is actually visible to the naked eye, the rest of it is hidden underneath.

Clit and age

Just the way wine gets better with age, the clitoris grows during a woman’s lifetime. From puberty to menopause, it becomes almost seven times the size at birth. While this isn’t such a noticeable size change, experts often believe this may be the reason older women seem to have better sex. It is also said that the closer the clit is to the vagina, the easier it is for a woman to achieve orgasm by penetration.


While vaginal orgasms are commonly known, they don’t come by easily. Only thirty percent of the women are able to achieve them purely through penetration, others require some finger magic. Spending a few moments, licking, rubbing, sucking on the clit will improve your chances of receiving some rewards in return. Every clit does not like the same things, so try different things or simply ask your partner. Sex toys could also be a great option.

Now that you’ve gained all this knowledge about the pleasure centre of the female body, don’t think twice before exploring this new fountain of sweet endings. However, it is important to remember that it has its own limit. The clitoris tends to reach a peak point of post stimulation and continued efforts will create discomfort and will not help add any value in your act.

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