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Dark Season 3: Well written climax that unties the “knot”.

As the previous seasons of dark got a massive hit, people are now eagerly waiting for the finale season.

“The question isn’t what time, the question is what world?”


Dark is a German series. Set in Winden, the story starts with two boys goes mysteriously missing in town with no clue, Mads Nielsen and Eric Obendorf, which in turn exposes the secrets of the four estranged families in the town and how they deal with it. Slowly discovering a time travel conspiracy of several generations. 

Director: Baran bo Odar

First release – 1st December 2017

Number of Seasons – 3

Season 3 release date – 27th June 2020 (“the day of the apocalypse“)

If you haven’t watched it yet then you are in for some spoilers.

Without revealing much, Dark ended with Jonas Kahnwald (played by Louis Hofmann) and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) destroying the knot which bound their two worlds together.

The season starts with future Martha and Jonas traveling to her world. A world identical to Jonas but without him. Soon after they travel, Martha leaves Jonas promising that she will make everything alright (without knowing that she is just repeating the endless knot). 

All the players in this game, play a crucial role in their own way trying to create their own endless existence to live. On the other hand, Jonas trying to destroy it.

Being it Jonas tries to find the older Martha who makes him understand that the apocalypse will happen in this world as well and he is only one who can stop it. Little did he know that the older Martha tries to fool him to maintain the cycle. Jonas meets younger Martha in town where she fails to recognize him (A world without Jonas) and tries to ignore him until she is confronted by Jonas near the time travel cave.

Jonas and Martha try to enter the nuclear plant by cutting the fence and Martha gets a cut on her face which Jonas recognizes that the mark is same as the older Martha has, making him understand that all this is just a plot and the older Martha wants to repeat the same thing again and again. When Jonas tries to confront her he is killed by the younger Martha in this process.

This ending series has given answers to a lot of question time travelling to back and forth like

  • who are the parents of Charlotte,
  • why do things have to repeat again and again,
  • Is there any other origin world than the other two worlds of Martha and Jonas respectively
  • How will Jonas and Martha end the knot
  • Is Tanhaus linked to this time travel conspiracy

Possible Family Tree

the possible family tree in dark series

Best Dialogues

  • The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning
  • You and I are a perfect match. Never Believe Anything Else?
  • You and I are a glitch in the matrix
  • What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean

Reviewer’s Take


Dark is distilled to its essence, which is a mix of epic philosophical arguments and sad vignettes about loss and betrayal, all wrapped up in anything-goes sci-fi and gorgeous production design that delivers ice-cool ideas and imagery.  – Jack Seale, The Guardian

It’s a testament to their storytelling prowess that their climactic gambit not only works as well as it does but brings the series to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. No time-travel saga has ever been this headache-inducingly elaborate, original and poignant. – Nick Schager, Dailybeast

Even with all that uncertainty, “Dark” has maintained that highwire act for three of the most thrilling sci-fi TV seasons ever made. To see it make it across the chasm with its ambitions and technique intact is certainly something worth remembering. – Steve Greene, Indiewire

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