Effect of planets in kundli

Effect of planets in kundli

Do stars & planets affect human behavior?

Stars and Planets have always been a mystery for humankind. Their power to affect the various happenings on the planet Earth made ancient civilizations realize the importance. This is why they worked on studying them in detail. The celestial bodies affect our lives to a great extent. Even the solutions to our most complex problems are hidden in these stars.  

In Greek and Egyptian civilizations, people believed that the Gods live in the sky. They considered the constellations and planets as the ultimate source of energy that could guide them and show them the path in the time of distress.

Greek mythology revered the planets as Gods. They believed them as the controller who could manage and control a specific characteristic of an individual. For instance, Venus was for love, beauty, and relationships while Mercury was the mediator of God and humans controlling the communications of people. They sought celestial bodies of the Universe for everything whether it’s harvest, sowing, change of seasons, or spiritual assistance.

This is the way in which astrology and birth chart or Kundli appeared in the Vedic times. Get Janam kundali analysis by Date of Birth and Time. In Vedas, Astrology is mentioned as a science that involves the study of planets and stars in order to analyze their influence in the life of an individual.

According to astrology, each planet signifies a certain aspect of life, a certain spectrum of living, the characteristics that we are composed of, and even the journey of our life.

How stars and planets affect our lives?

It has been scientifically proven that everything in the Universe is interconnected and shares the same energy as the one that comes from the celestial bodies. Our ancient astrologers have noticed that whenever there is any change in the positions of planets and fall of stars, it triggered events that have affected the lives on the Earth. They believed that the energies of stars can communicate with us through the shape and geometry of the constellations.  And to understand their hidden indications they used the complex mathematical calculations which gave form to a natal chart which is unique for each individual and shows the planetary positions at the time of the birth of the native.

Importance of stars in our life

In the birth chart, the 12 sections or houses are the representations of the constellations that are observed behind the 5 fixed groups of stars. The zodiac signs are based on these lunar constellations or 27 stars. It is believed by the Vedic astrologers that the characteristics of an individual and compatibility in relations depend upon the stars an individual is born under.

All Love and Career Horoscope Predictions are derived from certain angles and positions of stars. In Vedic astrology, there are 27 stars that divide the 360-degree division of the sky into a 13.20 degree as per nakshatra or star. Each of these star divisions is further divided into 4 quarters of 3 degrees 20 minutes.

Astrology and human behavior

These lunar constellations are ruled by the planets and the transitions of planets in these constellations tell us about each and every aspect of life. For a broader overview, let us see the five groups of the Constellations that have been classified to understand the influence of these stars in the occurrence of events in life:

  • Dhruva or Fixed Stars– includes three Uttaras and Rohini. It signifies the planting, coronations, meritorious deeds, or any permanent changes.
  • Daruna or Dreadful Stars– includes Mula, Ardra, Jyestha, and Ashlesha. It represents imprisonment, separation, murder, and alliance with kings.
  • Ugra or Fierce- includes Purvaphalguni, Purvashadha, and Purvabhadrapada. It points towards destruction, frauds, poisoning, striking with weapons, and ruining of games.
  • Ksipra or Swift– Includes hasta, Ashwini, and Pushya. It shows a rise in sensual sports, making ornaments, education, skilled work, or journey.
  • Mrdu or Tender– includes Anuradha, Chitra, Revati, and Mrigasira. It highlights the advantage of performing ceremonies, singing or socializing with friends, etc.

Similarly, the effects of planets over our lives is also evident through the birth chart. Like Sun and Moon affect the elements of the earth; the other planets of the solar system under which an individual is born also impart some traits and their transition into the zodiac signs influences the different aspects of life. Let us know about the different planets and the qualities they determine in the life of a person.

  • Sun- It symbolizes power, strength, leadership, and courage. The influence of the Sun on the birth chart depends upon its position. The more the strength of the Sun in the birth chart, the more will be the self-confidence and goodness of power and health in life.
  • MoonIt influences the moods, emotional characteristics of an individual. When it is weak, it leads to dehydration in the body and may cause eyesight issues. Its strong position is able to bring happiness, wealth, and good qualities.
  • Mercury Communication and the nervous system are often influenced by the movement of this planet. Its negative impact might make one more sarcastic and bitter. A  clever and detailed overview of life is indicated by the strong Mercury.
  • Venus It is an influential planet in matters of love and relationships. It represents values, financial relationships, and materialistic possessions. Its weakening indicates the dysfunction of eyes, nose, throat or kidneys, etc.
  • Mars The position of Mars in the birth chart may affect the attitude and approach of the person. Its malefic effects may cause aggressiveness while the positive effect may impart one with strong leadership qualities and excellent management skills.
  • Jupiter It reflects happiness in marital life.  The significant position of this planet in Kundli signifies growth and development in life. Jupiter’s negative influence may increase pessimism, exhaustion, and anxiety in life. Its ill effects may even cause liver problems to the native.
  • Saturn–   The strong position of it in the chart may bless you with wealth and fame in your life while its malefic effect may lead to suffering on a personal and professional level. It is the Karmic planet that shows the power of Karma in an individual’s life.
  • UranusIt blesses one with an unconventional approach and strengthens the high-level intellectual thoughts of the mind. Its negative effect may make one a bit over-reactive sometimes.  
  • NeptuneThis planet makes an individual creative and imaginative. It helps them to follow their instincts.  Creativity and artistic approach in life can be seen when it is in a strong position in your birth chart. Its malefic effect may lead to a dramatic personality.
  • Pluto-  It symbolizes power, destruction, regenerations, and transformation. It emphasizes the thoughts to manifest change in yourself and transforming for better spiritual growth. Its position in the birth chart often represents lifelong meditation on some issues.

Human life is the mirror of the Universe and its every act is influenced deeply by the positioning of planets in the birth chart. It reveals the hidden aspects that you might have missed to consider for the growth and development of your life. Understand what the Universe wants to convey through your birth chart and you will see the mystery of success unfolding and guiding you in the right direction.

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