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An Ideal Diet of a Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience that can change your life. It instantly forms the bond between a mother and child. The process is beneficial for both the child and the mother. However, the process can devoid your body of crucial nutrients if your diet is lacking. Hence, we have compiled a post with the best diet for a breastfeeding mom. You can read it and include these items in your daily diet for happy motherhood. And, for easy motherhood, you can choose check out for different websites to buy everything for your baby!

#1 – Salmon:

Salmon is a wonderful food item for breastfeeding mothers. It is really beneficial and has many advantages and high nutritional value. For the non-vegetarians, it is the wonder meat. So, you can include the salmon dishes such as sushi etc in your diet. This fish has DHA which is an extremely essential type of fat. This is also a major component in most of the health supplements and health drinks for the kids. It also helps in the development of their nervous systems. Hence, as per the nutritionists, you should consume it during breastfeeding. This is because it will naturally transfer DHA to your baby via the breast milk.

However, you should also consult your physician and take some supplements for DHA. You can also use FirstCry Coupon Code for buying the supplements for your kids. The fortified formulas are also available online.

#2 – Yoghurt:

Yoghurt is a Low-Fat dairy product which is very essential at this stage. They offer the right amount of Vitamin D to your body. Vitamin D is an extremely essential nutrient that keeps the body and skeletal system in good health. It also keeps the bones in good health. If your Vitamin D intake is not proper, your body will lose the deposits and transfer them to your baby. This can lead to serious bone issues in the later stages of life. Vitamin D is also essential for the absorption for Calcium from the diet. Calcium and Vitamin D work in unison for many crucial functions of the body.

#3 – Legumes:

Legumes are a good source of iron. Iron is also responsible for the proper development of the body and fluid system of the baby. If your diet lacks adequate iron, your body will lose it to give it to your baby. Fatigue, tiredness and sore body muscles are indicators of iron deficiency. Hence, you must consume things such as beans regularly. The beans that are darker in colour like kidney beans or Rajma are excellent sources of Iron. However, overcooking and undercooking can hugely impact the iron content of the beans. The black beans are also extremely good for breastfeeding mothers. You can also eat them for better protein intake. Beans are readily available and easily affordable. They are also the vegetarian source of proteins. So, you must include them in your diet.

#4 – Vitamin C:

Oranges and Amla or the Indian Gooseberries are the richest sources of Vitamin C. The Vitamin C is one of the crucial vitamins needed by the human body. It is responsible for the health of gums and many other organs. Hence, it is important to include some food items rich in Vitamin C during breastfeeding.

#5 – Fennel and Cumin:

Fennel and Cumin seeds are extremely good during breastfeeding. Both of them increase milk production and are nourishing as well. They are also natural coolants and keep the acidity at bay. New mothers can face severe acidity owing to greasy food and sedentary lifestyle. However, they cannot have any random antacid as well. Hence, it is better to include the natural coolants in the diet. You can also chew Indian Fennel seeds after every meal for better digestion. This will also keep colic pain and flatulence in babies at bay.

#6 – Fruits:

It is extremely essential to include some fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Fruits and veggies supply the proper amount of fibre as well. They also offer many vitamins and nutrients to the body. Eating fresh fruits also makes sure that your baby gets all kinds of nutrients via breast milk. Some of the must-include fruits are Oranges; papaya; watermelon; grapes and bananas.

#7 –Nuts and Milk:

Nuts and milk form an ideal breakfast or evening snack. Every breastfeeding mother needs them for maintaining her body nutrients and overall health. Nuts offer antioxidants and many other essential fatty acids and oils. They should be consumed in a natural form with milk. Cow’s milk is the best type of milk because it has Omega 3. It is lighter and easier to digest. Further, as per Ayurveda, it offers magical benefits for the mother and baby! You can find the supplements for Omega 3 online as well. You can use FirstCry Coupon Code for making the purchase lighter on your pockets!

So, make sure you eat these things for sure.

Happy Motherhood!

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