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Complete Overview of Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Total Hip Replacement or THR is a surgical procedure that refers to the complete replacement of affected hip joints with the man-made plastic or metal prosthetic joints. Damage in the hip joints is triggered due to different factors. This includes osteoarthritis of the hip, degeneration of hip bone due to ageing and injury in the hip due to the accident. THR surgery is performed in adults of any age. But it is usually prescribed to patients aged between 55 and 82 years who have been suffering from a hip injury due to accidents or osteoarthritis.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery is also medically termed as hip arthroplasty, and it is a commonly performed orthopaedic surgery in India. Because of the skilled surgeons, high-tech medical equipment, quality pre and post patient care and low-cost procedures, many foreign patients prefer to undergo Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

The Types Total Hip Replacement Surgery Performed in India

Medical science has made much advancement in the recent past, which helped the orthopaedic department of India to come forth with a variety of procedures in hip replacement surgery. The THR surgery in India is categorised according to the materials used for the operation. It includes the extent of joint replaced and the method of fixation.

Patients may either undergo cemented hip replacement or un-cemented hip replacement. Artificial joint parts are used in the cemented procedure to adjoin the tissues, tendons and ligaments using special glue called cement. In the un-cemented method, the man-made prosthetic parts are fixed biologically.

How to Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India Performed?

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is performed under general anaesthesia to put the patients in an unconscious state. The procedure starts with a deep incision in the sides of the hips and surgeons move the muscles that are linked to your hip. It helps them to access the hip joint and removal of the hip balls become easier. The hip ball is removed by cutting it, and the man-made prosthetic joint is placed, and it is connected to the thigh bone using the cemented or un-cemented fixation method.

Surgeons prepare for the attachment of hip bone to the artificial socket, and in this process, they remove the damaged tissues. The artificial ball is now connected to the thigh bone and then linked with the hip socket. The incision is closed by surgeons, and the muscles are reattached, while the extra fluid is removed.

Know the Average Cost Hip Replacement Surgery in India

The Average Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India is quite competitive, and the procedure is reasonably priced. Patients usually spend about $40, 000 for a hip replacement in the UK and the USA, whereas, in India, they only need to spend an average of $6000 for a single hip replacement and for double hip replacement surgery they may need to pay around $9500. The affordable hip replacement cost in India attracts foreign patients every year.

Final Thought!

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is the standard orthopaedic procedure performed by experienced surgeons. The reasonable cost of the surgery, post-surgery care, minimal waiting time and world-class medical facilities make India as the top destination for hip replacement surgery.

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