Positive effect of video games for children

Positive Effects of Video Games for Children

Don’t you get an unusually exciting feeling when you start playing games? The ticklish sensation that  you get inside your stomach which makes you clinch your fist in fear, heart pound in stress, shooting up the adrenaline and activating all your brain cells.  This is the affect of playing games. They make you alert, acting as your the favorite pastime. They are great for many reasons and is loved by everyone around the world no matter the age or gender. But, as you must have heard quite often that too much of anything is never good so anyone it is advised to not play games too often and regularly.

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Have you ever wondered why does our brain love games?

As humans we have myriad needs and desires which are quite closely related to survival, evolution and existence. Anything and everything that we do in our daily lives have a reason and some needs that make us further want to do and perform things are;

  • Deficient needs
  • Physiological Needs
  • Lower Esteem Needs
  • Higher Esteem Needs
  • Love Needs and Belongingness
  • Security and Safety Needs

People play games around the world for a reason and that reason could be anything. There are a few reasons that we have listed for you.

Here we have mentioned some benefits of playing games. Hope you find your one good reason to continue playing games.

Logical and problem solving

Imagine a child playing games while doing so he/she is training the brain to come up with many creative ways to solve the puzzle games, crazy games and other different problems.

memory improvements in children

Making the hand and eye co-ordination and building spatial skills

In a game a character might be shooting and running at the same time. In this kind of a game a real world player has to keep a check on the various factors like place he is heading to, his/her speed where the gun is aiming, if the gunfire is hitting the enemy and so on. Some of the mentioned factors need to be considered and only then player can co-ordinate the interpretation of the brain and the reaction with the fingerprint and his hands. The process of game playing requires a great deal of hand-eye co-ordination and also visual-spatial to be successful. Research has also suggested that people do learn spatial, iconic and visual attention skills from video games.

Planning, resource management and logistics

Like this the players learn to manage the limited resources and make the best use of it just like they do in real life.

Quick thinking and making student decisions and analysis

Playing video games gives your brain a real workout and according to the researchers a cognitive scientist has stated that games stimulate the stressful events just like what is found in battle or action games. Games train the mind to face adverse real-life situations. Playing video games primes the brain so that in future it makes decisions really very quickly.


In higher levels of games the user might fail during the first time but in order to win the game he/she must keep on trying and continue playing until succeeding and till moving onto the very next levels. It helps a person to develop a lifelong quality known as perseverance.

Take Risks

If you want to win a game you get the courage of a player to take risks and taking risks prepare you for a lifetime of challenges.


There are various management stimulation games that will help you to take decisions related to management and you can learn how to imply that in your real life.


This facility gives the facility to the players to effectively judge the information that must be stored in the working memory and anything that could be discarded considering the task at hand.

Pattern Recognition

Games have some kind of logic in them and the player figures out so many things with the help of pattern recognition.

developing maths and reading skills

Helps in developing maths and reading skills

The young gamer will first get the instructions, follow the storyline of the games, and get useful information of the texts. Maths skills are also important to win games that involve quantitative analysis like managing the resources. So, anybody who plays game will only become smarter and sharper.

Situational Awareness

Strategy games require a player to become mindful of the situational changes in a game and adapt to it accordingly.

Enriched Social Skills

Kids play video games with a friend and any time that is spent with the other kids help children to make them better at socialization. Virtual multiplayer or two-player games help the kids to interact with the players from around the world to connect at some level or the other.

Improved Motor Skills

Playing video games can improve fine motor skills- the ones that require the use of thumb and fingers. The constant movement of the hands and the fingers help to develop the motor skills.

Hope you found one good reason to continue playing games!

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