reasons to love small kitchen

Some Good Reasons To Love Your Small Kitchen

Your home is the only little space in this whole world where you can make changes as per your likes. Homeowners invest a lot of their energies and money in house-keeping. Because it is a big deal to own a house, however small it is.

Smaller homes are gaining popularity as humans are striving to make thrifty use of resources. We will be discussing smaller kitchens and love-worthy remodeling tips.

Kitchen is the core room of your house, especially if you are a foodie. You have to be sure about its functionality. Professionals providing services of kitchen and bath remodeling in Schenectady NY can make this a lot easier for you.

Which Kitchen Size Is “Actually” Small?

actual kitchen size

We are complaining creatures as everybody always complain about kitchens being small. It might appear insufficient for you but a 10”×10” kitchen is considered as the average size for a kitchen. We will discuss how to make it more functional later in this post.

According to the National Kitchen And Bathroom Association, a kitchen size smaller than 70 square feet should be defined as a “small” kitchen.

Let us have a look at a few good reasons to love your “small kitchen” before we dive into the tips.

Benefits Of A Small Kitchen

benefits of small kitchen

Large kitchen sizes are slowly drifting out of popularity because of several real reasons. Massive kitchen styles were in style during the 1990s and were too expensive. Over time, people are realizing the problems associated with larger spaces and opting thrifty use of space.

You must have heard about the small “cottage style” house! Here are a few benefits of smaller kitchen space.

  • Affordable

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most expensive projects in house renovation. The cost increases per each square foot. Remodeling a smaller kitchen is affordable as compared to large kitchens as you will need smaller quantities of everything.

  • Quality Over Quantity

With a smaller space to work, you can easily buy high-end materials. For instance, compare buying granite countertop for a 3 square foot shelve and 30 square feet! You could incorporate quality over quantity and enjoy the benefits for a long time.

  • Ergonomically Efficient

Smaller kitchens are ergonomically efficient. Let us look at the reason. Work triangle of a kitchen is the distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

Smaller space will push the three most used features together and this greatly improves the functionality of a kitchen. A simple turn and you can access the other feature of the triangle.

  • Easy To Design

This might appear to be counter-intuitive but it is a huge benefit of small kitchens. When you are left with fewer options for a design you can better focus on the available options.

It might be a bit hectic to fit in everything but you are working your way towards a highly efficient cooking-space.

  • More Space For Other Rooms

When you specify a smaller space for the kitchen, you will be left with a greater area for other rooms of the house.

  • Practical DIY Construction

Small Fixtures are easy to install with DIY construction work or you could hire a home handyman in Schenectady NY at affordable costs.

Also check out our interesting blog on “8 Catering Equipments to Stand Out as a Breakfast-serving Eatery!”

The Remodeling Tips You Would Love

kitchen remodelling tips

  1. Choose The Right Layout

The kitchen layout is going to affect its functionality and it is not a secret. The best and most-used kitchen layout for smaller kitchens is the galley or corridor layout. It is like a hallway with counters. Cabinets are installed on one side whereas the other side has a stove.

  1. Kitchen Island Idea For Small Kitchen

It is a challenge to fit into a kitchen island in a small space. You do not need to go crazy in fitting in as islands have a little more functionality than countertops. If you still love the idea of a central island, place a small yet trendy wooden table as a kitchen island.

  1. Stock Cabinetry Makes It Work

One amazing thing about stock cabinetry is that it is easy to install and you can try the DIY project. Home improvement stores have a variety of stock cabinetry options.

  1. Deep Cabinets Are A Help

Cabinets often have a lot of unused space. You cannot afford this luxury when you are working with a smaller kitchen. It is practical to improve the space usage of cabinets.

It doesn’t need to be messy at all. You can install roll-out shelves to maximize the space. Deep cabinets have greater area thus you can place a lot of items in them and it won’t hurt your eyes!

  1. Install Large Floor Tiles

Kitchen floors can be widening as well they can even make your kitchen look even smaller. Floor tile size significantly affects the overall view of kitchen size. It does not alter the size but it leaves an impact. Smaller tiles make a room look smaller whereas large and light-colored tiles open it up.

  1. Employ Light Paint Colors

Just as the light-colored tiles improve kitchen brightness, lighter paint color is an amazing choice. The incoming light gets reflected with lighter hues of paint and increase the light intensity in the room.  If you have any doubts on painting and its color combinations, hire a painting contractor to do the job. We have explained in detail the “12 Factors Required While Hiring a Painting Contractor” in one of our blog. Kindly look into it and get the best idea.

  1. Be Generous About Lighting

Where you have saved a good deal of money on other items, be generous on lighting fixtures. It is highly suggested to avoid large fancy pendants. Choose small and decent light fixtures and install them overall potential work stations.

  1. Shrink The Sink

Popular massive sinks take up a huge space in kitchens. You should choose a smaller sink size to leave more and more space for food preparation.

  1. Consider Before You Buy Appliances

Modern kitchens are incomplete without electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, coffee makers, blenders and ovens.

When you buying appliances for small kitchen you need to focus on the dimensions. The door sizes and the working efficiency of a kitchen are highly inter-related. Hire home remodeling contractors in Schenectady NY for your next small kitchen remodel!

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