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2019 Residential Pool Maintenance Guide

The idea of having personal pool inside homes is always amazing. Pools instill beauty to a property and increase its resale value. Poolside parties, fitness routines, and a beautiful view are some of the perks associated with residential pools. Swimming is one of the best exercises and residential pools give liberty of swimming on daily basis. Homes having pools at front or backside are always attractive and centerpiece in a locality. However, one thing that people forget about is the pool maintenance. According to experts there is a specific pool cleaning routine that people ought to follow after using it.

Bacterial and algal growth is evident when pools are not cleaned. Ultimately pool remains no more usable so it is better to pay attention and hire some residential pool services. And try acting upon succeeding pieces of advice in order to keep your pool usable.

Skim Water and Scrub the Pool

Pools that are built outside the home are love-able but they are more exposed to environmental pollution that pools inside homes. So there is no rocket science needed in inferring that covered pools require lower maintenance than pools in open areas. Tree leaves, birds, and dust leave a layer of scum over the pool water surface. Daily pool skimming is the practical and best practice to keep pool water sparkling and usable. There are skimmers of different sizes available and you can buy one according to the need.

The next thing that has to be done is pool scrubbing, with passage of time a layer of slime and grime is formed at the bottom of pool that needs to be scrubbed. You can schedule pool scrubbing weekly or once within two weeks. People who are too busy are advised to hire affordable pool renovation companies. They have professional workers expert in scrubbing the pool bottom. Both skimming and scrubbing are the foremost pool maintenance activities.

Keep an Eye on Pool Filters

Filters of a pool are more like their kidneys that uphold the water quality. They assist in skimming the pool water by removing trees leaves even small toys. However, filters sometimes clog and stop working due to large pieces of debris. Thereby, people having residential pools need to keep an eye on pool filters. Take the leaf out and remove waste from it. Turn the pump on once again and wait until it ejects the gush of clean water. It is better to set a timer for filters on and off mechanism. The filter basket has to be cleaned at least once a week.

Add Chemicals in Your Pool

You would know that chlorine is used as a disinfectant for water likewise there are some other chemicals that you can add in pool water. They help in preserving the PH and quality of water. The use of free chlorine sanitizes the pool water and Cyanuric acid helps in protecting this chlorine from sunlight. Calcium hardness in the pool water should be at certain level and it assists in preventing the plaster damage. Those who are completely unaware of the use of chemicals in pools can take help from professional pool services.

Add Baking Soda in Pool

Professionals suggest the use of sodium bicarbonate for controlling the alkalinity of pool water. It controls the alkalinity and does not disturb the water PH level. If you are too naïve to understand the concept of alkalinity and PH of water then it is advisable to just add an appropriate amount of baking soda in your pool. The amount of baking soda depends on the size of pool. Baking soda has a proportion of sodium bicarbonate in its composition.

Keep Pool Water at Certain Level

The water level in your pool needs to be at a specific level. It must not be overfilled or completely drained. Water level in pools often increases after torrential rains. You can use submergible pump for removal of excess water. If water level is low then use a hose to add more water. In summer season water evaporate dramatically that people cannot help but think that there is some leak.

There is a simple method to test if there is actually a leak. Fill a bucket of water and place it beside your pool. Observe the water level in this bucket in evening and compare it with pool water level. If there is proportion in their water level then there is no leak in your pool. When you are done with the pool water level add chemicals of needed. If you find it out of your capacity to observe the water level in pool then hire professions for pool inspection services.

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Remove Oils from Pool

You might wonder how do oils get in a pool? Well our body has glands and pores, glands secrete different oils and pores excrete them. When you swim these oils simply add to pool water. They definitely affect the water quality and you need to remove them. One of the handy methods of doing that is to use a tennis ball. Fibers of this ball will absorb the oils from the surface of water and keep your pool free of these pollutants.

Never Miss the Poolside

The boundary of a pool is usually covered with shiny and sleek tiles. These tiles are exposed to open air and prone to damage. Dust and grime absorb in the pores of these tiles and it is difficult to revive their beauty. Pressure washing is the best method to clean these tiles. Water and air under pressure reach the inaccessible parts of your tiles and clean them.

Professional Help Is Mandatory

Regular maintenance is a good thing but never think that it is sufficient and you do not need professionals. You need to hire professionals for pool inspection and conservation. They see the hose, pumps, and possibility of leaks in your pool. They can suggest ideas for pool renovation or remodeling.

Seasonal Check of Pool

Pools are frequently used in the summer season so it is better to check pool before you jump into the pool water. Likewise before the winter starts you need to properly inspect and close and cover your pools. If you do not use pool at all in winter season then you can think of emptying it. Remove all water before temperature fall below 0 degrees because water starts freezing at this temperature.

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