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Know Secrets Of Celebrities Who Always Make High Impression

Celebrities and divas never smell bad so what is the reason behind it? We have some of the handpicked perfume secrets of celebrities just for you.


We all know a friend that never smells bad no matter where they are or what they are doing. Even the celebrities, who are so busy with their day and day out events and schedules but never seem to smell bad. Yes, they all might be using very good perfumes from top international brands, but perfume brands aside; there are certain tricks or way of using perfumes, which can make it lasting. This goes beyond where to apply perfume or what kind of perfume brand you are using. To use the perfume strategies properly, you need to understand the reason behind each, when to apply and how to spray perfume on your skin affecting its scent as well as longevity.

Go For Potent Perfumes:

All the celebrities and experts choose their perfumes very carefully according to their potency levels. They know which perfume notes and type of fragrance can give them lasting sillage as well as longevity. Perfumes that are more fresh and citrusy often evaporate faster due to light notes, on the other hand, the oriental or woody perfumes tend to stick to your skin for a longer period. You can choose the girls perfume fragrance accordingly if you need something to last longer for a specific occasion.

Layer It Well:

Layering is a way of stacking different fragrances on top of each other to enhance the fragrance and make it last longer on the skin. But often girls stick to just perfumes for this forgetting all about other things. You use several products throughout the day and all of them play an essential role in making you smell good or bad. So, try to incorporate all of them into creating the finest of a unique fragrance. Start from your shower gel, moving towards body lotion, perfumes and even cosmetics. Try to choose them according to one common fragrance or fragrance family. These multiple layers of fragrances will stick to your skin all day long.

Never Rub Your Wrist:

You might feel the urge to do so after applying the perfume, but this habit is killing your perfume. Some of the Perfume for girls often leave a liquid cast on the skin after applying and take some time to be absorbed into the skin well. It is due to the high perfume essence concentration as well as lower alcohol presence in the base. Perfume is created very carefully so that it opens up with top notes, moving towards the middle and the base layer as it evaporates.

Rubbing it can rupture the perfume molecules merging all the layers. This way you will never get the top layer of the perfume and only the base notes will be exposed to the air. Also this can reduce the life of the perfume as each layer takes its time to reveal itself. If a perfume is taking time to absorb into the skin, you can dab it gently to accelerate the process but it is better to leave it and let it dry naturally.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated:

Dull and dry skin is never able to sustain fragrance for a longer period. Even people with dry skin can face the longevity issue with their perfumes. Before spraying on the perfume, make sure to hydrate your skin with an oil-free moisturiser. Moisture works as an adhesive to the perfume molecules allowing them to stick to the skin and last longer. Throughout the day, try to drink a lot of water especially if you have dry skin. This will help you to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Whenever you replenish your perfume or reapply it throughout the day, make sure to moisturise and spray.

Apply It Right And Reapply Again:

It is very essential to apply the perfume correctly if you want to make it last longer. Spray on the perfume only after taking a bath and applying the moisturiser. Clean skin can absorb the moisturiser and perfume molecules well. After applying the perfume in the morning, it is crucial to reapply it when it is necessary or after every 4-6 hours.

Store Your Perfume Properly:

Apart from all this, storing perfume properly is also important. If fragrance is exposed to heat, humidity and light it can damage the perfume molecules affecting its scent and longevity. You should keep it away from direct sunlight and heat of all kinds. Also, never keep your perfumes in cars or bathrooms. All these places are not suitable for your perfumes. Keep it in cool, dark and dry places to enhance the life of the fragrance.

While using the perfume, you should try to stick to all these tactics. This will help you in getting most out of your perfume adding to the life of your perfume and enhance its scent. Buy good quality perfumes and enjoy the fine fragrance all day.

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