sesame seeds benefits

Good nutrition comes in tiny seeds of sesame

The tiny edible with richer taste are no other but the sesame seeds. These small seeds are good are factory of nutrition but often undermined due to their small size. Native of India and Africa sesame seeds are one of oldest crops used for the extraction of oil. The history dates back to 3500 years.

The seeds exhibit a nutty flavor and can be easily available shelled or unshelled, common ingredient of salads, seasoning bread, baked items, sushi, cakes, soups, fishes and meat. Apart from the seeds the oil extracted from the seeds are a rich source of nutrition with lustrous and soothing traits.

The seeds are produced in abundance annually across the world and high in demand among the domestic as well as international sesame seeds buyers. When young the seeds are shelled in black inside a pod and as they are cultivated the shell is stripped off. They are available in huge variety of colors based on the plant

Optimal nutrition in a small package  

The seeds are great supply of essential oils, such as lignans, antioxidants, proteins, minerals, fiber and other significant nutrients. As per the research conducted by USDA. The sesame seeds also carries potential amounts of thiamin, vitamin E, folate, B6, copper, zinc, riboflavin. Not only this, the small seeds also hold amino acids such as tryptophan and fat reducing Sesamol

The therapeutic and restorative benefits

Prevention of tumors

The seeds carry oil rich soluble such as Lignan and sesamolin known for their wonderful ant oxidative qualities. According to a research conducted in the US at Emory University the Lignans are pivotal in prevention of tumors. Moreover, the anti-Carcogenic effects of vitamin E, K and magnesium sesame seeds have a greater effect in regulating the overall health of the body

The seeds carry Phytate, a rare compound that operates as an antioxidant and neutralizes the effects of free radicals, positively linked to lowering the chances of leukemia, breast, colon, pancreatic tumor and prostate cancers the sesame seeds are wonderful biological therapeutic agents

Beautiful appearance

Sesame seeds are rich in Zinc, a necessary compound that helps the production of collagen, strengthening, muscles, hairs, revitalizing skin and tissues. The sesame oil being the natural resource of vitamin E has been, a wonderful remedy to reduce the appearance of marks and burns on the skin as well as the signs of aging

Lusciously thick and shiny hairs

The photo polyphenols presented in sesame seeds are excellent for healthy hair. The oil is usually massaged on the scalp and lessen the early greying of the hairs while increasing the hair growth due to vitamins and minerals. The amino acids and antioxidants help gain the dull hairs their lost shine

Better heart health better life

The natural oil soluble such as Lignan in the sesame seed are linked to regulate the hypertension as proven by several studies. Regulated blood flow lessen the strain on the cardiovascular system and keeps the heart in good health conditions. The bioactive phenolic compounds are the highest in concentration one in the flax seeds and in the sesame seeds Tufts University US. Additionally, the magnesium has long known regulator of blood flow. The seeds carry 25% of the essential minerals needed daily just in a single serving

Healthy stomach and better digestion

Packed with potential amounts of fiber the sesame seeds are vital elements for better digestion. It can ease conditions such as constipation and diarrhea, along with guarding the condition of your colon and reducing the chances of intestinal disease. The fiber content is good in dissolving the deposition of bad cholesterol from vessels and arteries preventing heart attacks and paralysis

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