Signs That Your Siding Needs To Be Repaired ASAP

Perhaps one of the most common of the items, yet neglected during roofing repairs, siding provides waterproofing for your walls. However, with the passage of time, the siding, just as roof, wears out, and you need not have a keen eye to look and judge whether the siding needs repair or not.

You might be wondering about how to judge whether the roof siding needs repair or replacement. Similar to roofs, there are visible signs that are a signal that your siding has done its time, and needs repairs or replacement. Here are some of those signs that your siding is in need of repairs:

Damage From Hail

One of the many problems that professional siding repair companies have to deal with is hail damage to the siding. Everyone is well aware of the damage hail can cause to roofs as well as siding. If falling at a specific angle, hail can prove to be extremely dangerous, striking no less than an actual hammer, hammering down on a nail. If you’ve experienced hail in your area, you definitely need to check your siding for craters or paint peeling on the siding surface. These are some of the signs that show your siding was severely damaged by hail.

Damage Caused By Wildlife

We are already taking over the wildlife area due to our need to expand. Unfortunately, this has caused unrest with the wildlife now mixing in the human communities. This results in wildlife such as raccoons, rodents, squirrels, birds, etc. making their way to the roofs. They scratch the surface for making space to either hunt for food or to have a nesting place. If you notch breakage, scratches or bite marks on your siding, then you definitely need to call not only a siding repair contractor but a wildlife removal expert too. You’d probably have a family nesting in your roof.


Foundation shifts and warping due to heat can cause the panels of the siding to shift or wear out. This results in the siding having cracks forming in them, which if left untreated can result in breakage. Another sign of siding repair alongside cracks is gaps that are caused by shifting and constant wearing. You can observe the gaps and the alignment by looking at the side of the siding. If the alignment is out, then it’s time to get it repaired because even a single siding can cause rain and air pass through it.

High Utility Bills

Apart from your local expenditures, if you’re seeing your utility bills touching skies, then your siding is compromised. Siding alongside roofing plays an important role in maintaining the temperature of your home. If they are compromised, then the air will be passing in and out, which will result in change in the temperature, causing the thermostat to work continuously, resulting in high bills. Hence, if you see such a problem occurring, you should call a roofer to inspect your roof and siding for impairments right away.

Bubble Forming

Another sign that your siding definitely needs repairs is when you see a bubble forming on the siding. Bubbles are formed when your siding is continuously exposed to heat. Although this is why siding is installed to protect the house from the heat and to keep it cool. However, with siding continuously wearing out, bubbles would start forming in the paint. In which case, you need to get it repaired so that it can function properly without letting the heat reach your home.

Peeling Of Exterior Paint & Sealant

As explained earlier, the siding comes with paint and sealant that makes it possible for the siding to perform its action efficiently. If you see the paint and sealant missing from the siding, it’s a clear sign that you need to have a siding repair immediately. Since the outer layer of the siding is important as it protects the building from external wearing, it’s recommended that you get it repaired. Call the best siding contractors in the area who will inspect the siding and recommend the best option.


Decoloring or fading of the paint can occur with the passage of time due to continuous external wearing. However, with the wearing of the paint, the protective layer of the siding is also removed, which makes it incompetent to protect the internal house layer. If possible, you can get a fresh coat of protective layer and sealant applied that would give the protection the siding needs.

It’s time to repair

You might have installed the siding from professionals of the domain. However, everything gets damaged due to external wearing, and so does siding. That is why you should get it repaired or replaced after 2 or 3 successive decades the most.

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